Why Destination Wedding is the New Trend?


Why Destination Wedding is the New Trend?

Be it tinsel town couples or celebrated sportspersons, tying knots in the lap of nature surrounded by picturesque settings have become a trend now.

Destination Weddings Are No Longer a Faraway Trend

Remember, the days when your social media newsfeeds were dominated by enchanting visuals of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma tying the knot in a captivating setting. Glamorous wardrobes, awe-inspiring snapshots, vibrant natural settings – seemed like the perfect setting for the most important day of your life.

Sitting in the City of Joy, you might wonder that perfect weddings are just confined to multimillionaires.  

All thanks to the enchanting wedding destinations near Kolkata, your dream wedding will now be decorated with visuals pulled out of fairy tales without leaving you broke. 

Weddings are not the same anymore with the inception of destination wedding. This type of wedding basically occurs in the lap of nature which is neither the home of the bride or the groom. In Destination Wedding, the couple along with the guests travel to a specific location for the wedding ceremony.

One of the primary aspects of any Destination Wedding is the location. This is why resorts basking amidst soul-pleasing natural displays combined with an aroma of peace, are generally the most preferred destinations for this type of wedding.

 A Destination Wedding is the combination of a theme wedding and 360-degree picturesque sights.  This is why it is of no surprise that the resorts in Kolkata are the numero uno wedding destination near Kolkata for hosting the perfect wedding.

What to Expect from Resorts in Kolkata?

Besides being top weekend getaway destinations, the resorts in Kolkata have climbed its way to be recognised as one of the best destinations for a wedding.

Here are the main reasons behind it:

•    Sublime Setting – Cuddled by nature and nurtured by tranquillity, the resorts paint the picture-perfect setting for a soulful ceremony amidst nature. Unperturbed silence dancing with incredible vistas is a delight. Be it acres of greenery, tranquil blue waters of the natural water bodies or the sweet chirpings of vibrant birds; the enchanting ambience is the reason why these resorts are tailor-made for hosting dream weddings.

•     World-Class Accommodation – The gigantic rooms staffed with inspired interiors and jam-packed with special amenities that ensure a comfy stay for all the guests. The rooms are filled with world-class furniture built with state-of-the-art material which makes luxury an addiction.

•    Grand Party Lawn – Beautiful lawn spread over acres of land amidst green elegance, fit for 2000 guests - a canvas in the lap of green waiting to be painted and decorated with dream wedding imaginations.

•    Delicious Cuisines – Appetising foods available here add the perfect finish to your life’s most special evening. Indian or Chinese? Thai or Continental? The lip-smacking delicacies served are surely a foodie’s dream.

Located far from the maddening rush, the resorts paint a glorious Destination Wedding in the abode of nature.