Painting Heavenly Holidays in the Abode of Nature


Painting Heavenly Holidays in the Abode of Nature

Nestled across 55 acres of awe-inspiring natural displays and cultivated by tranquillity, Country Roads is the perfect synonym for paradise which is located far away from the regular hustles and bustles of the city.

The natural chirpings of vibrant birds, whispers of the wind, fresh waters of the pool, and gleaming rays of the sun paints a glorious rainbow of peace. The enchanting blend of peace and pleasure ensures a soulful holiday – a remedy to the week-long stress.

After spending a demanding week pondering over numerous worksheets and preparing unending presentations, everyone needs a break. And nothing is better than a rejuvenating experience in a serene location painted with a plethora of modern amenities.

Rediscover Relaxation to Refresh your Soul

The S.I. unit of luxury haven, the gigantic rooms are designed with elegant interiors. The mesmerising decor combined with spectacular facilities and a calm ambience guarantees a comfy stay. These rooms provide magnificent views of breathtaking greenery and tranquil blue waters.  



Relaxation is one of the basic requirements of any holiday. A day spent in the cozy beds is a perfect way to relax and revive the worn-out grey cells.

The fresh chlorinated water of the swimming pool is another way to soothe your stressed out nerve cells. You can chit-chat with your friends and family sitting by the swimming pool with your legs dipped in the serene water.


Pool side is the best place to hang out and you can even go for a leisurely dip or enjoy the golden warm sun rays sitting in an easy chair.

Adrenaline-pumping Activities

Boring is one word that doesn’t reflect in a vacation dictionary. A host of adventure activities will keep you engaged throughout the day. You can submerge your soul into the tunes of adventure at Country Roads.

You can unleash the adventurous hormones in your soul with – Kayaking, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Trampoline, Zipline, Friendship Ladder, Rope Course, Zoomering, and Zorbing.

After all these, you might feel hungry. You can treat your taste buds with appetising food. Five Spices, the multi-cuisine restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience under a sublime atmosphere.

The food menu consists of a mouth-watering mix of contemporary and traditional delicacies that regularly features in the dream of every foodie in the world. The wide range of finely-cooked delicacies will harmonise your mind and soul with a gratifying experience.

The setting sun opens the door to limitless enjoyment. You can head to the pub and free your mind with a variety of exotic cocktails and alcoholic beverages.

Add the word ‘memorable’ to your weekends by spending a holiday in this premium resort distant from the daily grinds and filled with flavours of ecstasy and euphoria.