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Luxury Holiday Destination - Country Roads



A Festive Monsoon with DUI BANGLAR ILISH HAAT at Country Roads

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Start your Bengali New Year by Pampering your Bengali Soul with Authentic Bengali Cuisines at Country Roads

Venue – Country Roads

Date - 14th and 15th April (12 noon onwards)

For Booking: 9836283339 / 9836285550 / 8272999090

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Why Destination Wedding is the New Trend?

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Why Our Guests Want to Come Back Once Again - A Beautiful Testimonial That Made Us Feel So Good

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Unlimited Biryani and Kebabs with A DJ Party and a Famous Radio Jockey – Have a Grand Holi Party at Country Roads On 22nd March

Place – Country Roads

Date – 22.03.19 (Friday)

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Embrace Adventure in a Holiday Resort

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Painting Heavenly Holidays in the Abode of Nature

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